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"Let the adventure begin!"

If you are interested in enhancing your next trip with an exciting and engaging tour, look no further. Puerto Rican culture, landscapes and natural wonders make for truly incredible experiences. 

Coffee Lovers Tour in Puerto Rico

This trip includes 2 destinations away from the usual tourist crowds of San Juan. We take you on a scenic ride through the countryside of Puerto Rico, to a functioning coffee farm where coffee has grown for more than 20 years. 

This hacienda is a family owned, eco-friendly, and sustainable coffee farm and guest house. We start the day getting breakfast and the taste of an authentic Puerto Rican coffee,  winner for three consecutive years of first place in the Best Coffee People’s Choice Award at the Coffee and Chocolate Expo. 


Then we will take you to the south side of the island to enjoy a hot spring, whose birth is the product of an already extinct underground volcano. Due to its high mineral content and its temperature, these waters are considered therapeutic, healing, and with rejuvenating effects. The legend says; that these wonderful waters were found by the Taino people, who visited the areas for healing rituals and ceremonies. However, historians say it was the place Juan Ponce de Leon was looking for: The Fountain of Youth. At the end, we stop for lunch in a local restaurant for delicious, local food. Then you will return to your pickup destination. Round-trip transportation & ice-cold water is provided.



Explore and Discover Puerto Rico

My mission is to show a better and deeper understanding of the destinations we visit. I was lucky enough to enjoy phenomenal experiences long before I started working as a full-time tour guide. 


My love for Puerto Rico is the reason I became a tour guide so I can share the raw beauty of this island with others. 

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Pick up and drop off location is at the I ❤️ PR Sign in front of the Convention Center.

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